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BAK Cases wallet phone case eliminates back pain


Which would you rather have in your pocket?

Tons of guys complain that their back hurts yet blame it on a host of things: old age, workout injuries, bad posture, etc. While those can all be contributing factors we always seem to dismiss the easiest fixes, like not sitting on your wallet.

Sitting down all day with one cheek higher than the other can’t be good for you. According to CBS News

“With men, a thick wallet not only twists the spine while sitting but it also compresses the large nerve that extends through each buttock and down each leg. Sciatica is the inflammation of these nerves, and it can result in anything from mild tingling to debilitating pain in the lower back and body.”

So for those that want to save their back here’s what you can do:

Ditch your old flimsy wallet and upgrade to an Executive Case. This will entirely prevent the problem from getting any worse as well as give you one less thing to lug around in your pockets.
Begin putting your wallet in your front pocket. Another option is in your jacket or even possibly your backpack
After you have done one of the above, it’s time to get that back in shape again. Upon waking up or while you’re at the gym, try these 3 yoga poses to stretch out the back and realign your spine.

1. Mountain Pose.

2. Downward-Facing Dog

3. Corpse Pose

Good Luck and leave a comment below if you decide to make the switch to a wallet-less life!


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